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cloud solutions

By partnership with leading cloud service provider, we offer comprehensive cloud solutions.


1. Animbus Cloud OS


Animbus OpenStack Cloud OS is the OpenStack-centric product developed by 99cloud with further development and optimization in computing, storage, network, image, authentication, telemetry and other modules. It is compatible with heterogeneous virtual software, server, storage and network equipment. It brings one-stop solution for enterprise cloud computing platform which is accord with mainstreaming technology, easy to scale out and high available. 

2. OpenStack HA Controller

OpenStack develops fast and has been widely accepted, however, the high standard of stability and high availability in Financial industry has prevented OpenStack adopted in production platform in many projects. Our OpenStack HA Controller aims to solve this paint point. It combines software solution with hardware and solve the problems of high availability and stability of controller in OpenStack solutions through hardware innovation and software layer optimization, especially the L3 high availability switch in Neutron module. Our OpenStack HA Controller can achieve switching in 5-10 timeout, this can fully satisfy the highest level of availability requirements in the Financial Industry. 

3. Cloud-in-a-box (CIB)

With Google-like intelligent computing/storage Hyper-converged cloud platform for enterprise based on OpenStack and other open source technologies, decreases data center TCO and simplifies the data center management. With focus on software solution, and invests heavily on the universality of bottom layer servers, and achieves lower cost through open source software integration based on OpenStack. Moreover, other than OpenStack framework improvement in terms of stability and expansibility, we also concentrates on optimization of upper level and bottom layer, especially the bottom optimization. 

4. Animbus® Remotely Managed Private Cloud

We offer OpenStack with a pay-as-you-go model cloud service in an isolated infrastructure to our financial clients. With our managed services ,centralized monitoring ,committed SLA , automated deployment, CI/CD plug-ins, remote upgrades and full supports.You are able to focus on your main business without worrying about your cloud infrastructure.


1. Consulting & Design

OpenStack is an open source management platform of cloud computing, consisting of a number of main components to work. OpenStack supports nearly all types of cloud environment and provide IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) solution, each service being embedded via API. The complexity and rapid development of OpenStack require enterprises to study and verify carefully before design and deploying. As a professional and dedicated OpenStack company, We provides consulting suggestions and design assistance varying from OpenStack framework optimization to bottom integration and upper level optimization.
We provides tailor-made suggestions and design assistance varying from OpenStack framework optimization to bottom integration and upper level optimization.

2. Develop & Deploy

OpenStack deployment is far more than plain sailing, we can assist enterprises with their best practice in following areas:
-Image Storm
-OpenStack API
-Resources Scheduling
-Heterogeneous Infrastructure Storage

​-Front-end integration, workflow integration,

-Ceilometer data management, etc.

3. Operation & Supports

Experienced OpenStack operation service team, 24*7 or 5*8 supports

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